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‘Crisis in Gulf Won’t Affect LNG Imports From Qatar
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Monday the diplomatic crisis in the Middle East would not affect its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) imports from Qatar.

Speaking at a news conference, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Pakistan was currently importing 600 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of LNG from Qatar. “This is a commercial contract. It is binding and will not be affected” by the ongoing tension between Riyadh and Doha.

He said only a force majeure event that is beyond the control of the two parties and international sanctions, particularly on gas sales, could affect LNG imports from Qatar. “There are no such apprehensions on both counts,” he said. He said Pakistan was importing 2.7m tonnes of LNG whereas neighbouring India was importing 9m tonnes and South Korea, Japan and China were importing 60m tonnes of LNG from Qatar.

He said the imported 600mmcfd of LNG, which was being supplied to the industry, captive power plants, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and CNG sector. He said Pakistan used to import 1m tonnes of fertiliser before the import of LNG. The country will export 0.6m tonnes of fertiliser this year due to the supply of LNG to the fertiliser industry.

He said that Pakistan was building deeper relations with many countries through oil and gas deals on a government-to-government basis after the successful model of oil imports from Kuwait. In this context, LNG import deals with different countries, including China, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia and Oman, were being negotiated. Pakistan will strike an LNG deal with potential exporters, he added.
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