Rain and cloud seeding in the UAE: It might actually help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here’s how…

Will Saturday’s rain and hail help prevent the spread of coronavirus? Was there cloud seeding and will the extra rainfall play a role in the country’s disinfection drive to prevent coronavirus. 

Dr. Ahmed Habib, a National Centre of Meteorology official told Gulf News: “The weather in the country is unstable. It is happening due to convective clouds that started in the west of the UAE and are moving into the northern and eastern parts of the country. These clouds caused rain and hail storm in scattered areas in different parts of the country.”

Dr. Habib explained that as standard protocol, when the NCM team saw clouds good enough for seeding, cloud seeding flights were dispatched and have been working since Wednesday, March 18. Dr. Habib added: “This time the case started on Wednesday and went on till Saturday. Our teams noticed that these clouds are good for seeding. We expect more scattered rain [today].”

As per previous Gulf News reports, the NCM keeps teams on standby to dispatch cloud seeding flights in case of cloud activity over the country, to enhance rain in the region.

The NCM’s cloud seeding section uses a sophisticated weather surveillance radar (WSR), which is responsible in monitoring the atmospheric pressure around the clock.

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