Galiyat gets solar-powered washrooms

In a new initiative of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa tourism department, pre-fab solar-powered washrooms for tourists have been set up at five different sites in Galiyat.

These washrooms have separate units for males and females.

The project was designed and installed by KITE. Five different sites have been chosen for the project. All units are operational.

This development comes in a move by Galiyat Development Authority to facilitate tourists.

According to a KITE official familiar with the matter, tourists faced a lot of problems as no clean public bathrooms were available for them and hotels did not allow tourists visiting the area to use their toilets unless and until they were living there.

Two public bathrooms have currently been set up in Mochi Dara Nathia Gali, two in Nathia Gali Market, four in Plaza Park, two in Changla Gali and four in Khanspur.

The official added that more units are set to be installed after consultation with the tourism department.

The northern areas of the country have seen an influx of tourists after the government lifted coronavirus restrictions.

Thousands of tourists thronged up-north during the summer vacations, spending millions of rupees and benefitting the national economy in return.

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