Growatt SPF 6000 ES Plus Arrives in the Pakistani Market

Growatt New Energy, The world’s leading manufacturer of energy storage solutions and solar inverters, launched its much-awaited off-Grid inverter. The SPF 6000 ES Plus, introduced by Growatt for the Pakistani market.

Growatt introduced its new SPF 6000 ES Plus residential off-grid inverter, which is the modified and advanced form of the SPF 3000-5000 ES off-grid inverter. This product is most feasible for Pakistan’s areas with no grid presence.
 The Company has enhanced the inverter’s quality, performance, and efficiency. Enhancements have been applied to the product’s performance, reliability, quality, and efficiency. The SPF 6000 ES Plus has a string input current of 16A to match with 500W+ large power PV modules and includes dual MPP trackers for homes with rooftops facing different orientations, supporting higher energy generation. In addition, the SPF 6000 ES plus has dust-proof filters that prevent inverter faults caused by excessive dust and are also easy to the maintenance.
This inverter has a 500V maximum PV array open circuit voltage, which can accept modules up to 8000W. In this new inverter, there is no need for an extra ATS device to connect the inverter and the AC source because the inverter has two input terminals, so it can connect two AC source inputs at the same time and then can save the cost of an extra ATS device. In addition, when solar energy is sufficient, the off-grid system with a power factor of 1.0 draws an output of 6kW for the loads and 2kW for charging the battery.
 The SPF 6000 ES plus has a built-in BMS port which includes RS485 and CAN communication, and then easy to connect to different communication methods of lithium batteries. The new SUB mode also enables the inverter could work without the battery, then solar and utility joint power to loads if solar is insufficient, which helps customers reduce the system’s initial investment cost.
In parallel operations of SPF 6000 ES Plus, we connected up to 6 units, and the maximum system capacity would be 36kW. It also supports configuring the three-phase system, providing customers with enough flexibility.
Last but not least, it can easily be managed and controlled smartly through Growatt ShineServer web monitoring and the ShinePhone app. With the OSS(Online Smart Service) platform. It can reduce onsite visits or customer issues, significantly lowering the O&M cost for installers.

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