Consultancy Opportunity in Public Sector

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The Energy Department of Punjab manages energy production companies in Punjab and is the provincial stakeholder for energy policy. The Secretary for the Energy Department is looking for resources to support him and his team in various areas of project management, policy design and other internal tasks of the Department.

The candidate would be expected to work towards two main areas, energy demand (conservation) and energy supply (energy production through renewable and non-renewable sources). He/she would be expected to perform the below major activities:

· Study of literature in the above areas and summarize innovative ideas for the Secretary
· Track the progress of all associated entities (companies, boards, project units, etc.)
· Support the department and project management units in data crunching, presentations and reports
· Study global case studies to recommend to the Secretary as pilot projects
· Conduct field visits in Punjab

This is a good opportunity for those wanting to enter the public sector, as the job would entail exposure to all tiers of stakeholders in the Government. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
Based in Lahore.

Please e-mail your resumes to: