China Was Responsible for 96% of Coal Plants Constructed in 2023


China was single-handedly responsible for 96% of global coal power capacity construction last year, cementing its position as the biggest coal builder in the world. Per data, released by Global Energy Monitor and reported by Bloomberg, China last year also accounted for 68% of new coal generation capacity that came online last year and 81% of newly planned coal generation projects. China’s…

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PTA Confirms Internet Services to Remain Operational on Pakistan Election Day.


Islamabad: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has quashed rumors of a planned internet shutdown on election day (February 8), asserting that internet services will continue without interruption. Despite previous concerns and past instances of disruptions, government officials have assured the public of internet accessibility during the upcoming elections. Shutdowns pose significant economic consequences, with telecom companies facing losses of Rs940…

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Polls laced with unpredictability


Independents may play key role if no party secures decisive majority ISLAMABAD: The next general elections scheduled on the 8th of this month are poised to be a pivotal chapter in Pakistan’s political history, as they are marked by multifaceted challenges and evolving dynamics. As the nation grapples with its worst economic crisis, security concerns from militant groups, and disillusioned…

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