NEPRA Approves Government’s Uniform Tariff Hike for Discos and KE


ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved the federal government’s proposed uniform Schedule of Tariffs (SoTs) for distribution companies (Discos) and K-Electric (KE), leading to a uniform base tariff increase of up to Rs7.12 per unit. This adjustment raises the tariff from Rs29.78 per unit in FY 2023-24 to Rs35.50 per unit for 2024-25, aligning with the…

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Energy Sector and SOEs Undergo Reforms, Finance Minister Meets S&P Global Delegation


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Finance and Revenue Muhammad Aurangzeb on Wednesday highlighted significant reforms in Pakistan’s energy sector and state-owned enterprises (SOEs), including ongoing privatization efforts of state companies. During a meeting with a delegation from Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Global Ratings at the Finance Division, Aurangzeb emphasized the confidence multilateral institutions have shown through financing various projects in Pakistan. The…

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Hidden Costs Drive Power Prices Up 70%


KARACHI: A recent study reveals that domestic households and businesses in Pakistan face unexpected hidden costs in their power tariffs, including US inflation and interest on circular debt. These factors significantly increase power prices for end-users, making electricity unaffordable and prompting calls for the government to renegotiate power purchase agreements (PPA) with power plant operators. Independent power producers (IPPs) charge…

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Nepra Urges Government to Reform Power Generation Contracts


ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has called on the government to rectify power generation contracts to provide substantial relief amidst public outcry over a significant tariff hike of up to Rs7.12 per unit. During a public hearing, Nepra announced an investigation into last month’s overbilling by distribution companies due to changes in the meter reading mechanism to…

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PM Announces 3 Month Relief for Lifeline Electricity Consumers


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a three-month relief package for lifeline electricity consumers whose monthly consumption remains below 200 units. The state broadcaster PTV News posted on X that the government will offer a Rs50 billion discount to these consumers in July, August, and September, benefiting 25 million consumers—94% of the country’s domestic electricity users. During a press conference…

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Industry Leaders Urge Govt to Enable Direct Power Purchase from Generators


KARACHI: Prominent industrial chambers and associations have called for the immediate implementation of the Competitive Trading Bilateral Contract Market (CTBCM) regime, allowing bulk power consumers to directly purchase electricity from generators, thereby bypassing the government. This demand was highlighted during a conference organized jointly by Renewables First and the Pakistan Environment Trust on Tuesday. The event featured discussions from key…

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Govt Considers Scrapping Faulty Meter Reading System


LAHORE: In response to growing consumer dissatisfaction, the government is contemplating abolishing the flawed pro rata meter reading system, which often removes electricity consumers from the protected category or pushes them into higher billing slabs despite their actual monthly consumption remaining within the category. Sources indicate that the Power Division and other relevant authorities are actively reviewing the meter reading…

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Government Reverses Tariff Hike for Protected Consumers


ISLAMABAD: In response to public outcry and potential political backlash, the government has decided to roll back a previously approved 51% increase in electricity rates for protected consumers, meeting a ‘prior action’ required by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On the prime minister’s instructions, a revised summary exempting protected consumers from the hike will be urgently reviewed by the federal…

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Fuel Charges Rise for Power Bills, But Relief for KE Customers


ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) announced an additional Rs3.33 per unit fuel cost adjustment (FCA) for May consumption, allowing ex-Wapda distribution companies (Discos) to collect an additional Rs41 billion in July. In contrast, K-Electric (KE) consumers will see a Rs1.67 per unit reduction in FCA based on April consumption, amounting to an overall financial impact of around…

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Leghari Concedes High Power Tariff in Senate, Promises Reforms


ISLAMABAD – Energy Minister Awais Leghari acknowledged in the Senate on Thursday that electricity prices are currently high but assured that through reforms, the government aims to provide cheaper electricity to consumers within the next 18 months. During the question-answer session, Minister Leghari addressed circulating news about a federal cabinet decision to increase electricity rates. He clarified that the regulator…

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