Japan to Tap 15 Mil Barrels Oil From Petroleum Reserves in IEA Joint Release

Japan plans to release 15 million barrels of oil from its petroleum reserves, including from the national oil reserves, as part of the International Energy Agency’s joint release, sources at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry told S&P Global Commodity Insights April 7. Register Now It was still not clear about the timing and duration of the additional oil…

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IGCEP for hydropower projects: KP demands separate block of candidate projects of 3,000MW

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has urged the federal government to allocate a separate block of at least 3,000MW of candidate projects in the next iteration of IGCEP for hydropower projects at par with renewable energy schemes. The request was made by KP Chief Secretary Dr Shahzad Khan Bangash in a letter to Secretary Power, Syed Asif Hyder Shah. His letter is…

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Decision to Arrange Funds for Supplying Power Plants Fuel


Ministry of Energy on Thursday discussed fuel stocks position of power sector and directed concerned organizations to arrange required funds and ensure supply in April 2022, well informed sources told Business Recorder. The meeting was informed that electricity demand has increased by 45 per cent in April 2022 as compared to correspondent month of 2021, which has created fuel shortage in…

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Oily HSD-MS prices: Act before it’s Too Late


The PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) government decided to freeze petroleum and electricity prices in the end of February for four months. That decision is haunting today. The prices were brought down and frozen at a time when international oil prices were skyrocketing due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Pakistan’s government could not afford the luxury of absorbing the subsidy. The demand…

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Pakistan and the STEAM economy [Part – I]


Pakistan is currently in the midst of political upheaval and economic uncertainties. It may appear odd that anyone would be interested at this juncture in reading about the long-term development path of the country. However, it must be emphatically submitted that in our pursuit of immediate and short-term relief and gratification we have been pursuing a band aid fix-it-now approach…

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Siemens-Gamesa Opens World’s First Integrated Offshore Wind Factory

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine maker, Siemens Gamesa, plans to speed up production by opening a facility that has the capability to manufacture all turbine components under one roof. The company has started manufacturing of nacelles and blades at its new facility in Le Havre. Believed to be the world’s first facility to encompass both offshore wind turbine nacelle…

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