Geopolitics of Energy Transition: A Winding Road of Renewable Energy in Asia

wind energy

Conceptually, energy transition transforms energy sources from fossil fuel-based to clean energy that does not produce carbon emissions. Fossil energy has been used for a long time and has created significant greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. One clean energy source in the world is renewable energy, which is more sustainable than fossil fuels. Renewable energy is more efficient and effective than…

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Every new generation capacity in Pakistan will be installed soley on domestic sources” remarked Federal minister for power Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan in his key note speech.

Minister for Energy made these remarks at the unveiling of report on “Overview of Pakistan’s power sector and its future outlook” and forum on Achievements of CPEC Power Projects. Commending the efforts of the forum he appreciated the timely research initiative as valuable in trying to find a roadmap for steering the country out of this difficult energy situation. The…

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UN Secretary-General’s Solidarity Visit to Pakistan on 9-10 September 2022

UN Secretary-General António Guterres will visit Pakistan on 9-10 September to express solidarity with the Government and people of Pakistan braving a colossal climate-induced natural disaster caused by unprecedented rains and floods across the country. During the visit, Secretary General Guterres will have meetings with the Pakistani leadership and senior officials to exchange views on the national and global response…

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Global gas-to-oil fuel switching to jump 80% as European, Asian gas prices soar

Global oil demand from gas-to-oil switching could jump by more than 80% over the next six months after soaring prices for natural gas and LNG push more power producers, refiners and industrial users to burn fuel oil and other liquid fuels, according to estimates by Platts Analytics. Refiners, power producers, and major industries will account for 633,000 b/d incremental liquids…

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The Indonesian and Pakistani Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy

Indonesia and Pakistan have ample access to sun and wind making these countries uniquely suited to transition to renewable energy. However both of these countries have invested considerably in coal fired energy. These investments and the overall reliance on coal have increased national debt and contributed to high rates of global warming based on carbon dioxide emissions. Pakistan is further…

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The government on Wednesday decided to withdraw the authority of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to decide prices of petroleum products.


The government on Wednesday decided to withdraw the authority of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to decide prices of petroleum products. According to sources, the market will determine the prices of petroleum products starting from November. An important meeting was held under the chairmanship of OGRA Chairman Masroor Khan. The heads of oil marketing companies, petroleum division and…

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