Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges for Solar Energy Products in Pakistan By Nisar A Latif Chairman Renewable Energy Association Pakistan


Introduction:The rapid growth of renewable energy, particularly solar power, holds great promise for Pakistan’s energy landscape. However, the solar energy sector in the country faces certain supply chain challenges that hinder its potential. This article aims to shed light on these issues and propose potential solutions to overcome them. Supply Chain Challenges: Solutions: Conclusion:Addressing supply chain challenges is pivotal to…

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Renowned names of Pakistan’s clean energy sector to attend 3rd International Solar Clean Energy Conference & Expo on 18th


Representatives of all the stakeholders relevant to the promotion of renewable energy in Pakistan will attend the 3rd International Solar Clean Energy Conference & Expo being held here at a local hotel on July 18.Sindh Energy Minister, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, will be the chief guest while Secretary of the provincial government’s Energy Department, Abu Bakar Ahmed, will be the guest…

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