Fuel surcharge levy in power bills criticised

Federal Minster for Energy Omer Ayub Khan on Tuesday informed the National Assembly that the government was trying hard to provide less expensive electricity to consumers by further improving the system.
He said the government will be producing 70 to 80 per cent electricity by 2030 with their own resources which would contribute to overall development of the country.

On calling attention notice, MNA Junaid Akbar said the government was charging fuel surcharge in electricity bill from the people of Malakand region despite generation of electricity through their four powerhouses.

He said the people of Malakand had the right on their own resources under the Constitution, so why they should pay fuel surcharge when they were producing their own electricity.

He said Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) also failed to provide royalty from the three years to Malakand.

The minister, responding to the calling attention notice, said the government ensured equitable distribution of resources to all electricity consumers. The only way to reduce electricity tariff was to reduce line losses, he added.

He said recovery in Malakand and Swat was excellent and those areas were free of load-shedding.

He said 7 to 8 thousand megawatt electricity was produced from the hydro resources in summer season, which ended up in October; however, in winter season the same went down by 400 megawatt.
The minister further said the government was paying Rs54 billion subsidy to the 75 percent domestic users who consumed 300 Units per month.

He said in case Junaid Akbar’s argument was accepted, the next day every member of the house would demand a tariff of his choice, adding it could not be entertained.

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