SSGC holds talks with CNG association

Discussion between representatives of CNG association and SSGC management took place Wednesday at Company’s Head Office after CNG association and Transport Ittehad protested in front of SSGC Head Office on closure of CNG stations.

The CNG sector delegation was led by Mohammad Tahir, Acting Chairman of the association and the SSGC team was led by Saeed Larik, SGM (Distribution). The association demanded that SSGC reconsider the CNG closure schedule and make more volumes of CNG available to the outlets.

The SSGC management maintained that currently gas supply is quite grim due to short supplies from gas fields as continuous natural depletion in reservoirs is noticed. SSGC is already facing shortage of gas to meet the requirement of the customers and this gap in demand and supply has further widened owing to the current extreme cold weather due to increase demand in domestic sector.

The management informed to association that the company is following the ECC approved gas load management plan that places CNG at the end of the pecking order. Nonetheless due to the serious demand-supply gap, the management has been compelled to curtail gas to all sectors including CNG.

Further the current system position was explained to CNG association and SSGC assured them that SSGC would still do every thing possible to restore gas supply to CNG Sector since it is empathetic towards its concerns yet it has to follow the load management plan that prefers providing gas to sectors that do not have access to alternative fuel.

It was informed to representatives of the association that in the current situation SSGC would be able only to supply gas to CNG sector on Sunday and further evaluate the position through continuous monitoring and if situation improved, gas to CNG sector would be restored accordingly. The CNG associations understood the situation and dispersed peacefully.-PR

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