KE will charge you for average electricity consumption in April

Karachiites will get their electricity bills for April on a consumption average basis, as the K-Electric management has decided to suspend the physical meter reading process due to the coronavirus lockdown.

This was confirmed by K-Electric representatives to SAMAA Digital. The KE spokesperson said the management has decided not to expose staff in any physical exercise.

“We have decide to suspend the physical process of meter reading in Karachi amid coronavirus fears,” he said, adding that the management will send bills on the basis of their average electricity consumption.

How will the average system work?

The KE representatives said the management will follow three ways to send the April bills.

  1. KE will monitor the meter reading of the last 12 months and make the bill for April based on the average.
  2. KE will take the meter reading for the same month last year and bill you on its average.
  3. KE will consider the meter reading of the previous month ie March 20 and use it as an average.

The power utility’s representatives said most of the April bills will be sent using the second option.

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