Organizations social corporate responsibility in Pakistan

In the process of Corporate Social Responsibility, businesses spend a certain portion of their profits (earnings) on the welfare of society. This creates a pleasant feeling within the society and people want to see these businesses not only flourishing but also its development and prosperity. Almost all the major institutions in Pakistan are in one way or another benefiting the welfare of the people and various segment of the society from these funds. Is the money being spent really helpful for the betterment of the eligible classes or is the purpose of spending the money to advertise and reward the specific class? This question arises after the amount and expenditure allocated and reimbursed by any organization.
There is no doubt that all major institutions publish all their accounts only after checking with certified audit firms which also confirms that the money was really spent on social welfare. But the question arises,
Was the social class that benefited from it of the greatest need? Or could an even more important class benefit from it?
What is the significance of one rupee spent for this class? Isn’t it that the more important class has been deprived?
Was the money really given for the intended purpose or for various social welfare purposes not compatible?
So far it has been observed that the selected departments or individuals are shortlisted by the institutions at their discretion and evaluation to pay for such activities and this factor is clearly kept in consideration whether it will directly or indirectly benefit the business. In this area, importance is also given to those institutions where more business are already operating. This is because the investigation was not carried out to identify the needy sections. Institutions generally spend their money on charities, hospitals, schools, public welfare, clean water and food, which are essential and worthy realities of society. If we estimate the total amount spentaccusatively in CSR head, it becomes a reasonable sum.And if this money is used with proper planning and priorities in mind, it will play an important role in the development of the society.
Many companies use these funds on people involved in their business or in areas where raw materials are sourced, to improve existing business facilities, to provide clean water, and to participate in educational activities or facilities for farmers in facilitation. It also includes improving the environment around its business facilities, providing sanitation and hygiene facilities including dispensaries, water filters, cleaning and construction of roads and arranging adequate street lighting.
There are some organizations that, after researching the needs of the people, determine the layout that serves not only their business objectives but also the needs of the residents of the area high in priority. For example, providing educational facilities in an area where there was no school in the distance arrangement of modern educational facilities in schools including computers and multimedia. Dispensaries and primary health centers are to be set up to provide medical facilities keeping in view the basic problems of the area, including treatment of snake bites, vaccination of dog bites and taking steps to meet other medical needs. Providing transportation for children to continue their educational activities in the city. Giving small loans to farmers to make them economically stable so that they can produce according to international standards. Educate the children of workers in the same wayproviding grants and scholarships so that they can become useful citizens by getting higher education. Arrangement of basic facilities in the workers’ areas.
All these measure all important but there is a description of the basic needs, which will not only benefit the business community but also community and social sector if need to figure out how to integrate this social service process into a well-organized social structure that addresses the needs of different social improvements under a regular organization and discipline and meets one need after another.
What I think that in this process, the institutions should move forward and form a consultative structure of their representatives which will not only identify the needs of the society but will also set the stage for implementation and will also help in the betterment of the people of Pakistan. Through this process, this public welfare money will be used to solve the problems of the people with high priority.
These representative report their performance on each quarter .They will review all their plans at the beginning and end of the year and announce the details of the next programs. This operational structure of representative will be supervised and head by a board organized by strategic representative of yearly nominated from member organization.
The business community in Pakistan is increasingly involved in public welfare. Our country has a prominent place in the world in terms of philanthropists and many charitable organizations are serving the people day and night across the country. A nation dedicated to this spirit will see a clear change for the better when it comes to solving the social problems of the people in stages. This will not only raise the standard of living of the people but also create a loving and fraternal relationship between the businessand the people, it will lead the business to grow day by day as people will love products and brand of the organization taking care their high need through CSR.

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