Petrol prices in Pakistan drop by Rs 15 per litre

Petrol prices in Pakistan drop by Rs 15 . The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has suggested government to decrease the petroleum products price . As per the suggestions government announces to reduce Rs15 in petrol price.

According to the details, the authority has recommended the price by Rs 44 from the next month (May).

The suggested price of petrol by Rs20.68/ liter, light diesel oil (LDO) by Rs24.57/ liter, diesel may be reduced by Rs33.94 per liter and kerosene oil by Rs44.07/ liter.

If the government accepts the suggestion of the Authority, petrol price will come down from current Rs96.58/ litre to Rs75.9/ litre and diesel price will reduce to Rs73.31/ litre from current Rs107.25/litre. Similarly, the LDO price will come down to Rs37.94/ litre from current Rs62.51/ litre and kerosene price will come down to Rs33.38/ litre from current Rs77.45/litre.

The sources said that OGRA has forwarded the summary to the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) for the approval.

Earlier on April 28, Petrol prices in Pakistan was expected to drop by Rs 27  liter from 1st May.

Petrol price can be reduced by Rs 27 and diesel by Rs 22 per liter.

Industry sources said that due to the decline in oil prices in the global market, the petrol price in country will also decline.

According to the ministry of finance the benefit of decline in international oil prices will be transferred to the end user. The sources revealed that  the demand of petrol fell drastically amid coronavirus.

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