Solar energy

This refers to the news story, ‘Govt grants license for 100 MW solar power plants’ (April 28). These two plants of 50 MW each will be established at Sukkur and Kohat respectively, costing $100 million. This is indeed a satisfying moment to generate pollution-free electricity direly needed. Solar energy is also safe, secure, reliable and cheaper energy. The government’s policy to generate 25 percent electricity through renewable sources is an achievable task. At present, a meagre five percent is being obtained through wind, solar and bagasse. The target of 20 Gigawatts of power can be achieved from hydropower, wind and solar provided incentives are given.

Out of three options, solar can be promoted to a great extent. Wind power is not cost effective due to costly wind turbines and limitations of hydro power cannot be immediately enhanced as dams are quite expensive and time taking projects. So, emphasis on solar power is feasible option and cost effective. There is another suggestion to fabricate PV cells in Pakistan as ad-hoc arrangement of importing PV cells must continue with minimum tariff. This will encourage our indigenous industry to flourish as expected. It can be expected that, with the support of the government, meeting a set target of 20 Gigawatts can be achieved.

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