Costly, dirty, and excessive: Report rings alarm bells over Pakistan’s fossil fuel-heavy power plans

If all plans for its electricity sector go ahead, the South Asian nation risks having a glut of coal and gas power capacity, with fleets running at a fraction of their capacity, warns a new study.

akistan risks locking itself into polluting and expensive electricity generation capacity if it follows energy strategies laid out in its latest power expansion plan, a new

The power plan, published by state-owned utility firm National Transmission and Despatch Company in April, charts a development pathway for the country’s electricity generation sector over the next 27 years and is expected to result in more affordable and sustainable electricity for its citizens.

But instead, the roadmap could see Pakistan leave its cheap and abundant renewable energy resources largely untouched after this decade, and build more coal and liquefied natural gas power plants than it needs, saddling the country with a significant financial burden, warns the analysis.

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