Turkey sets new power generation record

urkey set new all-time high records on Sept. 3 for daily electricity production and hourly electricity consumption, the nation’s energy and natural resources minister announced Tuesday.

“Turkey’s energy production continues to rise, breaking records. Despite the (COVID-19) outbreak, we have a new record on daily energy production,” Fatih Dönmez reported over his Twitter account.

According to the data shared by Dönmez, an all-time high daily generation was recorded on Sept. 3 with 1.07 billion kilowatt-hours (KWh), breaking the previous record of 1.06 billion KWh set on Aug. 2, 2018.

The highest hourly electricity consumption of all time was also recorded on Sept. 3 with 49.6 million KWh.

The country’s electricity consumption also hit a new record high on July 21 with 934,482 megawatt-hours (MWh), according to Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAŞ).

It exceeded the previous peak on July 7, when the daily electricity consumption reached 932,351 MWh.

The primary goal of the country’s energy sector is to boost electricity production from domestic and renewable sources.

It produced 62.08% of its electricity from local and renewable sources from January through July this year, according to the data from the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

It is approaching its goal of producing almost 66% of its electricity from local and renewable sources annually.

Last year it ranked second in Europe in the production of electrical energy based on renewable resources while the country’s electricity production from local and renewable resources stood at 62%.

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