Chinese brands invited to target Pakistan tea market

Inviting Chinese popular tea brands to explore Pakistan’s tea market, Dr Sajid Khursheed, a doctorate from Beijing, has reckoned that the Pakistanis, especially youths, were very fond of drinking tea. 
“There is big potential for Chinese investors in Pakistan’s tea market,” he declared while participating in a TV talk show of CPEC Face to Face at the China Economic Network Television on the subject of China’s milk tea craze. 
“Pakistan people love tea and have a long history of tea culture”, Dr Sajid Khursheed, a teacher at the Canadian International School in Beijing, remarked. 
He pointed out that Pakistani population comprised a majority of youths having huge potential for Chinese in the tea consumer market. 
Explaining how the different ways black tea mixed with milk was prepared in Pakistan, he urged the Chinese milk tea brands to avail this opportunity of targeting the market.

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