SSGC denies gas loadshedding as residents complain otherwise

KARACHI: While the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has denied claims of loadshedding in domestic and industrial sectors, the consumers in Karachi continue to face gas shortages in extreme cold.

In a press statement on Sunday, the company said that as per the government of Pakistan’s gas load management plan, domestic and zero rated industrial customers are to be given gas on top priority and the company is providing gas to these sectors without fail. As for the areas located at tail-end, it said that there is low gas pressure.

“As winters continue to intensify, the gas demand of customers increases, only in Quetta, the demand for gas exponentially increases to 200-250 mmcfd during winters while it usually remains 50mmcfd in other seasons,” it said. Same holds true for Karachi and other areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

This exponential increase greatly affects the gas supply to domestic and industrial customers; however, in order to meet the gas demand of these customers, the gas supply to CNG and Captive Power sectors is being temporary curtailed. As the pressure resumes, supply to these two sectors will be restored.

Moreover, as per SSGC’s arrangement with captive power sector, the former is to receive gas for a duration of nine months depending on availability of gas. They are requested to have dual fuel dependency and to make alternative arrangements during the three months of winter.

The SSGC is working tirelessly to ensure that the needs and demands of its customers are met.

The company will adhere to the government’s gas load management policy in order to provide uninterrupted gas supply on priority to the domestic and commercial sectors. Customers are requested to lodge their complaints on company’s compliant center 1199 or Mega Service Center working 24/ 7 if there is any gas low pressure or no gas in any area around Karachi.

Meanwhile, Karachi’s residents continue face sporadic gas outages and low gas pressure, making their lives miserable during this year’s cold spell.

The rise in the demand for electric geysers by a whopping 30 per cent and for electric hotplates by 15 per cent in comparison to last winter, speaks volumes of their miseries. Citing these figures, Karachi Electronics Dealers Association President Muhammad Rizwan Irfan told The News that mostly families have been making their way to markets in search of electric geysers and hotplates.

A resident of North Karachi, Arsalan Ali complained of receiving no gas supply from 1am to 7am daily. Nazimabad’s Salman Samad told The News how they get intermittent gas supply every day.

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