Descon conducts CEO Communication Session 2021 to Promote Teamwork and Trust in the Workplace

Descon Engineering Limited (DEL) conducted its CEO Communication Session in January 2021 in all of its offices, to further build on its foundation of open communication and trust. The session was opened by Maqsood Ali, President HR, who stressed on the importance of core values in shaping the organization’s culture. He also talked about one of Descon’s core values “Teamwork”. The session was later passed on to the CEO, Nadeem Bajwa, who also shared his valuable opinion on the topic while reviewing the business performance of the past 6 months.

Bringing together all key stakeholders of the company, Descon holds these communication sessions quarterly as a testament to their value of open communication in all tiers. The CEO shared the 1st half (6-month) performance of the year 2020-2021, emphasizing the need to keep all employees well aware of the progress made, feedback received, and lessons learned that would help in the 2nd half of the year and further on.

Nadeem Bajwa, while reiterating the importance of teamwork said, “Over the past few years we have formed and developed an incredibly talented team who has a healthy sense of collegiality, drive for performance and mutual trust that pervades in this organization. Success is never achieved by one individual, rather it is the fruit of collective wisdom and teamwork.” He further stated, “Business dynamics have improved viz-a-viz start of the year, and we need to work together to achieve our business goals. I am confident that we will continue to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration at all fronts, and will achieve our budgeted commitment, business growth, and financial performance for the fiscal year 20-21, in addition to a positive future outlook for the following year.”

Maqsood Ali further added, “We are fully committed to the flow of open and candid communications across all levels of the organization. We want our employees to know where we stand today and what the future holds for us, and these communication sessions play an integral part in making this possible.”

An imperative element of Descon’s overall strategy is to encourage an environment of ownership, trust, and open communication. These Communication Sessions are an opportunity for the leadership to build trust and strong ties among the employees by addressing questions and queries raised by them.

The session was followed by questions from the audience, where the CEO, and the Leadership Team, answered the questions in detail and made sure to provide a continuous stream of meaningful responses. The CEO closed the session with the following comments, “Markets have opened up, the people have adapted to the new normal, and have started to work with full zeal for a prosperous future. I wish the best of luck to the entire Descon family for the remaining part of the year and urge all to demonstrate teamwork and help each other in achieving our business targets.”

Descon Engineering Limited is an integrated engineering service and manufacturing company, operating locally and internationally to deliver client-specific solutions for projects related to the Energy, Infrastructure, and Process industry.

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