Unsavoury truths about power tariffs’ – II

Higher tariff simply because of inefficiency is ensuring corruption all the way and we are doomed! We have ensured total collapse of our affordable energy sector. We had natural gas, an economical and eco-friendly source of energy, which we wasted callously and now find no option but to import expensive LNG and yet we refuse to ensure efficient consumption. Whereas efficient systems could reduce both costs and global “weirding” (climate change causing weather-related extremes), we are opting for inefficient and expensive energy, killing most opportunities in this competitive world. How can our inefficient and unreliable utilities compete with efficient Cogen-based systems providing reliable and economical power source as well as process thermal energy? In trying to give “protection” to inefficient power generation, we will kill even the efficient industries in Pakistan which are trying to compete with the world where such stupid policies are not resulting in high energy costs!

Another sector which needs to be handled sensibly is the enormous building sector on which the present government is rightly investing in a big way.

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