Seminar on business Reponses to Covid-19 pandemic Need to wear face mask, observe other safety precautions doesn’t end even after vaccination against Covid-19: Dr Abdul Bari Khan

The compulsory need to wear a face mask and observe other safety precautions against the coronavirus doesn’t end in the present times even after getting vaccinated against the deadly viral disease.
Chief Executive Officer of Indus Hospital Dr Abdul Bari Khan stated this as he delivered the keynote speech at a seminar titled “Business responses to Covid-19 pandemic” organised by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH).
He said that observance of the safety precautions against the deadly infectious disease remained compulsory even after vaccination as the human body required some days after the inoculation to develop the immune system against the coronavirus.
He informed the audience of the seminar that the scientific data available so far showed that all forms of vaccines invented against the coronavirus were effective against the highly contagious disease as the use of any of them provide the necessary protection against the pandemic.
“There are chances that one could contract coronavirus infection even after vaccination but in that case, the severity of the disease would be mild with very fewer chances of fatality,” said Dr Khan.
He said that a face mask should become a compulsory feature of the dress of both men and women. “It is a good sign that some of the leading clothing brands have introduced the option of fashionable face masks matching with the women dresses,” he said.
He emphasised the need for strict observance of the lockdown measures against the viral disease in view of the threat of the outbreak of the UK variant of the coronavirus in Sindh.
He said that lockdown measures should be strictly implemented in Sindh as had been done last year during the first phase of the viral epidemic as there shouldn’t be any leniency in this regard.
He said the concerned authorities in the province should remain fully prepared to tackle any adverse situation in the province due to the looming threat of the UK variant of the lethal virus as there shouldn’t be any laxity in this regard.
President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Shariq Vohra, in his speech paid tribute to the fraternity of the businessmen and industrialists in the country who continued to contribute towards the cause of economic development of Pakistan while endangering their lives and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.
He said the overall attitude of the business and industrialists’ community of the country had been very well during the course of the pandemic as they did their best to observe the necessary safety precautions for their workers and staff while at the same time they ensured continued operations of their industries and businesses for the economic upkeep of the country.
MNA Saima Nadeem paid tribute to Prime Minister Imran Khan for adopting very wise polices to tackle the pandemic in Pakistan as the country was able to maintain a balance between its health and economic preferences in view of the basic needs of the people.
She said that forums like National Command and Operation Centre had been launched in the country to bring entire civilian and military leadership of the country on one page for collective decision-making against the spread of coronavirus.
She said that initiatives of the present government like the Ehsaas programme had done very well to massively support the poor people during the lockdown imposed in the country.
Sindh Minister for Information, Science and Technology, Taimur Talpur, who was the chief guest on the occasion, recalled that Sindh had become the first province in the country to impose the lockdown in March last year to timely tackle the spread of the coronavirus disease.
He said the Sindh government had worked hard and developed the necessary testing, isolation, quarantine, and treatment facilities to tackle the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.
He said that other provinces followed Sindh and took similar steps to ensure the protection of people in their respective areas against the viral disease.
He said that last year all the members of the Sindh cabinet had been assigned duties similar to the job description of an assistant commissioner to ensure observance of the SOPs against the coronavirus in different districts.
In his welcome speech on the occasion, NFEH President Naeem Qureshi said that the programme had been organised to highlight and celebrate the excellent work done by the corporate and business sector of Pakistan during the pandemic for the sake of national economic development.
Favad Soomro, CEO Engro Foundation, Malik Ahmed Jalal, CEO Colaba Ventures, Engr. Irfan Ahmed, Chairman IEEEP, Yogi Wajahat, Ruqiya Naeem, General Secretary NFEH and others also address on the occasion.

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