Lesco leads Discos in receiving applications for net-metering

LAHORE: The Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) is leading rest of the distribution companies (Discos) in receiving applications for net-metering, issuance of generation licences by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and commissioning of the capacities, said sources.

According to reliable sources in the Alternative Energy Development Board, the Lesco has received 2,995 applications with a total capacity of 58785.2 kilowatt till February 28, 2021. Against these applications, the Nepra has issued licences against 2,704 applications with a generation capacity of 50.14 megawatts out of which 2,494 applicants have commissioned their systems, carrying a generation capacity of 46.02 megawatts.

The net metering is an electricity policy for consumers who own/plan to set up a renewable energy facility which allows them to produce electricity (using wind and solar) for their own use and supply the excess produce to the national grid setting-off units of electricity consumed during off-peak hours or at times when the production from the RE facility is not enough to meet the consumer load.

The consumer will either pay a reduced utility bill or get paid for access energy exported to the grid as stated in the contract with the relevant Disco.

The Nepra, in September 2015, issued its net-metering regulations that allow the Discos in Pakistan to purchase excess units of electricity produced by the consumers, and net them off against the units consumed from the grid. The renewable energy is a long-term power solution. The solar PV technology gives access to affordable electricity supply during system life. The residential and commercial customers can switch their electricity load to renewable energy (RE) and can slash their power bills. The picture below illustrates the flow of electricity from the distribution company to the end-user who can now install a renewable energy facility and send the excess electricity back to the distribution grid and earn credit for his exports.

The Lesco is followed by Islamabad Electric Supply Company, K-Electric, Multan Electric Power Company, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, Gujranwala Electric Power Company, Peshawar Electric Supply Company, and EME (DHA) while the share of the rest of the Discos is quite negligible.

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