Hammad Azhar takes detailed briefing on power sector

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Energy Muhammad Hammad Azhar on Wednesday took detailed briefing on matters relating to Power Sector.

The Federal Minister was apprised on the current stock of circular debt which stood at Rs. 2300 billion approximately.

Power Division has devised monthly circular debt reporting which also indicated different factors contributing in its build up, said a press release.

The Federal Minister was also briefed about the ongoing development projects under the organisations of Power Division.

These included major transmission and distribution improvement projects. The minister was apprised that total Public Sector Development Programme portfolio of Power Division for the year 2020-21 is Rs 74497.770 million out of which major portion is contributed from the DISCOs and NTDC’s own resources.

Major Transmission projects included CASA-1000, 4000MW Matyari-Lahore HVDC line and Dasu Transmission line.

The Matyari-Lahore HVDC line Commissioning date is in September 2021 after which it would be available for evacuation of Power Generation from South of the country, the Minister was briefed.

The Federal Minister was informed that to rationalise cost of Generation, old furnace oil GENCOs were being phase wise retired to replace with New efficient cost effective generation plants.

It would not only add to rationalise the basket price of electricity but would also reduce the unused capacity, it was further informed.

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