Effective Ways Of Decarbonization At The 7th International LNG Congress

O&G majors, EPC, truck owners, and fuelling infrastructure developers are going to participate in the discussion about road infrastructure decarbonization. It is one of the major topics of the 7th International LNG Congress. The Congress takes place on 7-8 of June, 2021 on the BGS online platform, and covers major LNG questions of the industry.

Discussion about the decarbonization of road transportation remains on the front burner of the O&G industry. The number of vehicles on the road has been growing, and transport emission has been decreasing every year. The industry still heavily depends on oil, even though the accessibility of alternative fuels rose in the European region last decade. To reach the decarbonization goals, the situation requires the rethinking of some existing methods and the usage of successful cases from the whole value LNG chain. This is why there is a roundtable dedicated to these industry issues at the 7th International LNG Congress.

The roundtable dedicated to the projects and technologies in decarbonization in road transportation gathers several experts of the LNG market: Technical Director of NGV System Italy; Founder, CEO of LNG.hu Engineering; Senior LNG analyst of Osaka Gas, Head of alternative propulsion gas at Iveco, and Head of business development at LIQUIND. They are going to discuss the following topics:
• sustainable mobility as the circular economy driver;
• innovative technologies for the fuelling processes;
• carbon neutrality in the LNG road transportation;
• green transportation on inland waterways;
• Japanese small-scale LNG market situation.

The roundtable format gives an opportunity to every speaker to initiate an in-depth discussion about the cutting-edge decarbonization technologies, developing projects and infrastructure solutions. Each expert has ten minutes to present their topic and ten more minutes to answer the questions

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