Sindh Energy Minister to inaugurate day-long International Conference on Solar Power on 23rd

Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh will inaugurate on June 23, 2021 the day-long International Conference on Solar Power as being the clean and abundantly available energy resource in the country.
The international conference, being organised by the Energy Update, will also showcase the latest technology available in Pakistan and the rest of the world to ensure maximum utilization of solar power with the least investment.
CEO of Alternative Energy Development Board, Shah Jehan Mirza, will deliver the keynote address at the inaugural ceremony of the conference. Chairman of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Tauseef H Farooqui, will be another prominent speaker at the inaugural session.
Punjab Energy Minister Dr Akhtar Malik will chair one of the latter sessions of the conference. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Power. The other prominent speaker of the concluding session will be Zaigham Rizvi, the Chairman of PM’s Task Force on Housing and Robin Xing Managing Director Huawei Pakistan.
Naeem Qureshi, who heads the organising committee of the moot, said the conference was being organised with the goal to gather at one platform all the stakeholders related to solar power in the country.
He said that these stakeholders would get the opportunity to thoroughly discuss issues hampering the growth of the solar energy sector in the country.
He said the solar energy was abundantly available all across the country throughout the year as a viable regime is required to fully utilise this massive source of clean energy.
Mr Qureshi hoped that the conference would go a long way in adopting a consensus policy for the federal government, provinces, and private sector for maximum utilization of solar power as a mean to achieve the goal of generating 30 per cent of the national energy mix on the basis of renewable energy sources.
Huawei Technologies Pvt Ltd is the main sponsor of the event while other sponsors include Sun Grow Power, Faysal Bank Limited, Diwan International Pvt Ltd, Inverex Solar Energy, Feroz Power and Adaptive Technologies.

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