Country likely to witness increased power bills, gas load management

The country is likely to see hike in electricity bills and the government may resort to load management from June to October as SNGPL allocation of RLNG to power sector for these months is up to 54 percent less than the generation requirements of NPCC/NTDC.

Against the total requirement planned by National Power Construction Company (NCCP) and National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) of 900 mmcfd for the month of June SNGPL has allocated 639 mmcfd which is 261 mmcfd less than the demand, official source told The Nation.

For July against the requirement of 900 mmcfd the allocation by the gas company is 600 mmcfd which is 300 mmcfd less than the demand. The drastic shortage is forecasted for the month of August where SNGPL has allocated 420 mmcfd RLNG which is less by 54 percent or 480 mmcfd less than the demand of 900 mmcfd. Against the September requirement of 900 mmcfd, SNGPL has allocated 516 mmcfd RLNG which is 384 mmcfd less than the demand. For October against the requirement of 705 mmcfd, SNGPL has allocated 471 mmcfd which is 234 mmcfd less than the demand.

SNGPL allocation of RLNG to power sector from June to Oct 54pc less than generation requirements

Reduced RLNG allocation to power sector will result in increased consumption of furnace oil and High Speed Diesel (HSD) which is highly uneconomical, official documents reveal.

According to the documents, committed volume of RLNG by SNGPL is quite inadequate to the power generation requirement during the high peak summer months. If RLNG not allocates according the original demand of NPCC/NTDC it will lead to reduction in the system peak capability and resultantly they have to resort to load management.

Moreover, due to very low RLNG allocation in August downstream plants i.e Nandipur, KAPCO-III and Fauji Kabirwala P/H will remain unavailable as they would have to be operated on alternate expensive fuel. Consequently load management will drastically increase in August in Gepco and Mepco due to low voltages and system constraints, said the document.

The source said that the power division has already raised the issue with Petroleum Division and now it is likely to be tabled in the upcoming meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy.

When contacted for the reason behind the reduced supply to power sector, an official of the SNGPL told the scribe, on the condition of anonymity, that they have not reduced the supply and providing gas as per their capacity for power generation.

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