RNLG supplies to power sector increased to 750 MMCFD: Spokesperson

Regarding some reports in a section of media on lesser RLNG supply to the Power Plants in August, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Energy has clarified that Minister for Energy, Muhammad Hammad Azhar has already issued directions to SNGPL to provide them maximum gas supplies in order to ensure seamless power supply during summer months.

Accordingly SNGPL has already increased gas supplies to 750mmcfd from 685mmcfd, he added.

The spokesperson said that SNGPL was also making efforts to provide maximum RLNG to the Power Sector.

The spokesperson said that on restoration of Gas supplies to the Power Plant after dry-docking, the electricity situation in the country has improved and there was no forced load management since 5:00 pm Friday, (July 2 2021).

He said that although there is no substantial improvement in the hydel electricity generation, the demand is being met through well planned generation through alternative fuels in the country.

The spokesperson said that inflow and outflows of water at National Reservoirs and other factors relating to electricity generation are being constantly monitored. Alternative plans for electricity generation though other fuels and fuel supply chains are also ready.

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