Emirates Global Aluminium, Gulf Extrusions Sign Agreement On Industrial By-products

Emirates Global Aluminium, the largest industrial company in the UAE outside the oil and gas sector, today signed an agreement with Gulf Extrusions, which is owned by the Al Ghurair Group, on the innovative reuse of industrial by-products derived from production operations, as an alternative to using raw materials.

The agreement adds to the efforts of Emirates Global Aluminium to reuse waste as Primary materials, in cooperation with other industries.

Pursuant to the agreement, Gulf Extrusions will provide Emirates Global Aluminium with some 450 tonnes of consumed caustic soda from its factories in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a monthly basis, which will be used in the alumina refinery.

Caustic soda is used in aluminium extrusions to dissolve aluminium impurities in extrusion briquettes. Caustic soda resulting from the operations of Gulf Extrusion is rich in molten aluminium.

The innovative and sustainable solution developed by the two companies will help eliminate the need for by-product processing and enable the reuse of aluminium content, as well as minimise Emirates Global Aluminium’s requirements for caustic soda and bauxite for its Al Taweelah alumina refinery.

Abdulnasser bin Kalban, CEO of Emirates Global Aluminium, stressed that finding solutions for reusing waste requires an innovative approach and the close cooperation between companies and industries, adding that the solutions offered by the agreement will reduce the need for raw materials.

For his part, Christian Witch, CEO of Gulf Extrusion, said that the reuse of caustic soda by Emirates Global Aluminium will reduce their companies’ impact on the environment, and is the first time that Emirates Global Aluminium has used secondary materials for reuse in its alumina refinery, highlighting his pride in Gulf Extrusions being part of this sustainable initiative.

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