Stranded LNG tanker towed to Karachi

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) towed in a stranded LNG carrier to Karachi Port on Saturday from Keti Bandar where it was stranded due to technical issues since August 5.

According to a PMSA press release, the agency had received a distress message an August 9 from GAS YODLA, with 17 crew members onboard was anchored 15NM off Keti Bandar on August 5. The ship had lost its propulsion due to machinery breakdown and was also reported low on fuel, water and provisions.

Accordingly PMSA Ship PMSS SABQAT was tasked to render assistance as per situation. PMSA pursued towing arrangements through Dhow AL KHALEEL-III through shipping agent. Upon reaching near the ship on the night of August 12, Dhow took the ship under tow. During weighing anchor, ship lost its anchor thus rendering it not under command.

Meanwhile PMSS KASHMIR was tasked to provide security cover and necessary assistance in case of emergency in such a way to take the ship to deeper waters to avoid risk of grounding.Presently the LNG tanker is in tow under cover by PMSS KASHMIR to ensure its safe arrival at Karachi. Tanker is expected to enter Karachi on Saturday for necessary repairs.

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