Pakistan’s First Hvdc Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line Becomes Operational

Pakistan’s first private sector Matiari-Lahore high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line project has become operational on Wednesday.

According to a statement released by National Transmission and Despatch Company, the flagship project under CPEC has achieved its commercial operation date successfully today as per the agreed timeline between National Transmission and Despatch Company Ltd (NTDC) and Pak Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line Company (PMLTC).

In this connection, a ceremony was held at WAPDA House Lahore, attended by Managing Director NTDC Engr. Azaz Ahmad and Ms Zhang Lei, President and CEO of PMLTC and other reps from both companies were also present on the occasion.

Managing Director NTDC Engr. Azaz Ahmad appreciated the Chinese company for the timely completion of the project.

The first ±660 kV HVDC Matiari Lahore Transmission Line will bring stability to the NTDC transmission network after having being crossed many bridges successfully, he added.

Prior to its COD, as many as 8 power tests on different voltage levels were performed successfully. The power test includes Commissioning Tests (DC Station Tests) Lahore (A1:), Commissioning Tests (DC Station Tests) Matiari (A2:), Mono-pole Low Power System Tests (Upto 400 MW each pole) (A:3), Bi-pole Low Power System Tests (Upto 800 MW Bi-pole) (A4:), Mono-pole High Power Tests (2200 MW, each pole) (A5:), Bi-pole High Power Tests at Maximum Available Power (MAP) (A6:) and Special Optional Tests (recommended by OE)( A7:).

The last test, Trial Operation (168 hrs) and Capability Demonstration Test (06 hrs) (A8:) had been successfully completed on August 18, 2021, read the statement. HVDC Matiari-Lahore transmission line project The 878 kilometers 4000 MW project was completed by Pak-Matiari Lahore Transmission Company (Pvt) Limited, on a Built-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis for a term of 25 years. The project will evacuate power from the new generating units located in the south including Thar coal-based projects.

The ECC on July 25, 2017, approved the Security Package Documents i.e. Implementation Agreement (lA) and Transmission Services Agreement (TSA) which were subsequently executed on May 14, 2018. The NTDC will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the transmission line.

HVDC technology is a maiden addition in the national grid of the country, though it’s been widely used for a long time around the world, and the need of long-distance high-power transmission from generating stations in the far-flung areas towards densely located load centers.

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