Descon to empower approximately 10,000 individuals through overseas employment

Pakistan achieved the honour of becoming a leader in manpower export in the region, surpassing major players including India and Bangladesh in 2020.

Determined to be at the forefront of this, Descon Engineering Limited is all set to provide close to 10,000 job opportunities in the GCC region for 2021. Majority of these positions will be filled from Pakistan. The target from July till December is to recruit and mobilise close to 10,000 personnel to go overseas where they will get international exposure and a chance to showcase/prove their skills and capabilities.

Descon Engineering is consistent in helping and facilitating people with better employment opportunities. A nationwide campaign for the recruitment process and skill-based identification has just concluded to meet the target. Some of these selected candidates have already been sent abroad after a rigorous vetting programme.

Murtuza Ali, President Manpower and People Services, shared his view while saying: “We at Descon Engineering are proud of the trust the clients show in our capabilities. We are glad to provide close to 10,000 employment opportunities internationally, mainly for the workforce residing in Pakistan. This opportunity will help not only empower them financially, it will also change the socio-economic situation of their families, which will in turn help Pakistan prosper. While it was not easy to carry out a nation-wide campaign amidst the prevailing pandemic, it was done seamlessly and all COVID protocols were followed at every step for everyone’s protection and safety.”

Apart from providing local employment opportunities, Descon has sent over 13,000 workers from Pakistan between the year 2018 and 2021 and this process is still ongoing. These recruits have been placed across the world in various Descon ventures. Descon currently holds business interests in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and South Africa; making its mark and flying Pakistan’s flag high. Despite the COVID situation plaguing the world, Descon has been able to mobilise a huge number of work force.

Descon also holds the distinction of exporting most manpower in the country. This is a testament to the progress of Descon over the years and its commitment to help improve Pakistan’s image around the globe, contribute towards the economy in the form of foreign remittances and uplift the socio-economic standing of its employees and their families.

Descon Engineering Limited is a multinational engineering company renowned globally for its quality, safety, and on-time delivery of projects and products. Descon Engineering specialises in design consultancy, civil design, electrical design, mechanical design, and engineering management. With a vision to expand its global footprint, the company is strengthening its services to provide high-quality services to its clients.

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