Power Tariff Jacked up by Rs3.75 Per Unit for Karachi

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has allowed an increase of Rs3.75 per unit in power tariff for residents of Karachi (K-Electric consumers), stated a notification issued by the authority on Tuesday.

According to the authority, the increase in electricity prices is in line with the September monthly fuel adjustment. The increase will not apply to lifeline users.

The adjustments will be collected in December bills, the notification added.

“While effecting the Fuel Adjustment Charges, K-Electric shall keep in view and strictly comply with the orders of the courts notwithstanding this order,” the notification stated.

Earlier, K-Electric sought an increase of Rs1.38 per unit in its tariff on account of the fuel cost adjustment for October 2021.

Nepra Chairman Tauseef Farooqi on Thursday presided over a hearing that reviewed the petition.

A petition was published in newspapers seeking a hike of Rs0.29 per unit in K-Electric’s tariff.

During the hearing, a request was made to increase the price of electricity by Rs1.38 per unit.

“Now ground realities have changed,” Farooqi said during the public hearing. “If fuel becomes expensive, the burden will be borne by consumers,” he added.

The rise in fuel prices has had an impact on the entire country.

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