Gwadar port: LPG imports to help overcome energy crisis in country

LPG Carrier “GAS ATHENA” the 3rd consecutive LPG vessel of this month arrived at Gwadar Port on 28th Jan 2022. This represents the effort of Ministry of Maritime Affairs, CPEC Authority, GPA, OGRA and Pakistan Customs to overcome the energy crisis through continuous LPG imports at Gwadar Port. The LPG imports have been gradually normalized at time of Covid-19 global pandemic where supply chain faced many challenges.

We are pleased and honoured to announce that determination of our partner M/S Al Qasim Gas has made possible to achieve this milestone. All the LPG vessels sailed from Gwadar port in minimal time due to immediate on-arrival berthing, zero waiting time at anchorage, efficient discharging facilities with highly capacitive terminal structure and logistic services. The compassionate role of respective security agencies and relevant government authorities particularly Gwadar Customs reflects the keen interest to support economic development in Balochistan and Gwadar in particular. COPHC has already invested comprehensively to renovate, rehabilitate and install the port facilities, free zone development, surrounding environment and relevant commercial businesses at port and free zone; said Chairman China Overseas Ports Holding Company Zhang Baozhong.

Gwadar Port due to its unique geographical position makes it a fast-economical link between land-locked central Asian states and to the rest of the country. Being a warm water natural deep-sea port and its strategic location; Gwadar port on its path to be a gateway & hub of world businesses and trades for catering all types of international commercial activities generated from one business to another, irrespective of quantity, quantum & magnitude with a vision of being Pakistan’s Preferred & Responsible Maritime Gateway.

Gwadar Port’s economic and efficient facilitates provides enormous opportunities to logistic companies, customs clearing agents and port related businesses. Despite ongoing impact of Covid-19 and many challenges we faced during the year 2020-21, the port has witnessed significant developments in International trans-shipment, Afghan transit trade, LPG imports, import & export of free zone industries, CPEC project cargo imports etc. The operating company of Gwadar port M/S Gwadar International Terminals Limited has signed an agreement with M/S Gwadar Gas Port Limited to setup LNG import facility at Gwadar port, which further transported through virtual pipeline in internationally acceptable LNG tankers. Gwadar port and free zone is all set to become the hub of international trade which will help the country in earning much needed foreign exchange in near future which also is in line with the vision of Prime Minster of Pakistan to promote regional economic integration.

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