Sukhi Kinari Hydropower Project Nears Completion

Talking to journalists on a visit to the project site in Mansehra, the officials of the Sukhi Kinari hydropower project said the project — being built on a BOOT [build, own, operate, and transfer] basis — would add 884-megawatt electricity to the national grid.

According to the officials, 93 percent of work on tunnels, 80 percent on penstock, and 90 percent on powerhouse has so far been completed.

Highlighting the distinguishing features and achievements, officials told the media persons that a Pressure Shaft System had been installed 745 meters deep, while a plastic concreted cut-off wall had been placed 127 meters deep. They underlined that the construction work continued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The officials also said that this was a run-the-river project and had a small social impact as it had no major habitations in the project area. The other features of the project, they added, included ecological flow, bare minimum land acquisition,  trout fish hatchery, D/S hydropower project, the lake of the dam site, 48KM long transmission line, and tree plantation, etc.

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