Holding Statement


Today at around 5pm an explosion happened at the EPTL
power plant in the coal conveyor system of the 330MW Unit 1
of the plant. Immediately the safety and emergency response
teams were activated. At this point in time our foremost priority
remains the safety of our people and we remain focused on
providing them with all necessary support. Due to the incident,
05 people were affected directly who are currently stable and
are being provided with necessary medical aid.

According to initial reports, the explosion occurred in the conveyor belt systems which feed the coal into the power plant. It is important to share that the power plant was under scheduled outage where one of the units was already shut down for maintenance whereas the other was operational. For safety reasons we will be shutting down the operational unit as

well whilst investigations into the incident are underway.

Further details will be shared as and when additional
information is available.

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