Advanced Energy Storage Technology Developed In The UAE Receives Us$20 Million Funding From Us Global Infrastructure Development Company

Burkhan International Development Corporation’s Investment in Supercap Energy Storage
Developer Demonstrates the Growing Need for Supercap Energy Storage as an Alternative
to Chemical Batteries to Enable Sustainable Energy Transition in Delivering Infrastructure
as a Service.
Dubai, UAE and Washington D.C., March. 25, 2022 — Burkhan International Development
Corporation (“BIDC”) today announced a US$20 million investment in Enercap Holdings Pte.
Limited (“Enercap”), the holding company behind the invention, development, manufacturing and
commercialization of Supercap Energy Storage.
Energy storage is a critical element of the energy transition, with electrification and
decarbonization requiring performance which is increasingly beyond the scope of chemical
batteries. Supercap Energy Storage, developed by Enercap’s subsidiaries in Dubai, UAE, meets
these demanding requirements – non-chemical Supercap based, with long life, no capacity
degradation, environmentally sustainable and recyclable, and with abundant availability of raw
materials. It’s non-degrading attribute allows Supercap energy storage to deliver consistent and
predictable capacity over its 25-year life cycle, which is essential for the bankability that the market
values when making energy storage investments.
Shahal Khan, CEO of BIDC said, “stable, predictable and long-term output from energy storage
is essential to efficiently scale IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and allow us to deliver bottomup nation building that empowers the lives of communities throughout the world. Conventional
batteries do not deliver the reliability or longevity to attract the investments required to bring about
meaningful improvement in infrastructure and transition to electrification. Isaac Chetrit, Director
BIDC added “Supercap energy storage, developed by Enercap’s subsidiaries in Dubai, provides
the leap in storage technology that is necessary to accelerate the adoption of renewables, electric
transportation and decarbonization when it is needed the most. We are excited to support
Waseem Qureshi and his team in their vision to enable decarbonization, electrification and the
shift to supercap based energy storage from chemical storage.”
Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, CEO of Enercap and the inventor of the technology, commented, “we
are delighted with the investment by BIDC which will accelerate our growth throughout the world
and expand our product portfolio to deliver solutions in every application where storage is
deployed. It will enable us to participate in BIDC’s mission of developing the largest IaaS smart
solutions in the UAE and implementing them globally to consolidate efforts in bringing to life long
term positive impact and change which will aid in the evolution of our society.”

BIDC’s investment into Enercap will both increase the company and its subsidiaries infrastructure
and also create jobs in the UAE. Omer Ghani, Chief Strategy Officer of Enercap added “from
rechargeable AA cells to mobile phone storage to EV charging stations to utility grade storage,
we have spent the past five years building the most advanced energy storage solutions in the
world — and now that market is ready to take-off.” Supercap Energy Storage will deliver storage
solutions that deliver a workable, performing product – long lasting, degradation free, fast
charging, fully recyclable and cost effective. Bilal Sheikh, Chief Operating Officer of Enercap said
that “the BIDC investment will enable us to prepare for a NASDAQ listing around the end of the
year, providing us with access to long-term sustainable capital.”
The human capital and infrastructure available in the UAE is unmatched in the region and provides
the foundation for the continuous development of innovative technologies and products. Coupled
with a focus on renewable energy and efficiency, the environment is conducive for innovators and
inventors to build solutions to the world’s complex energy problems, at par with global innovation
hubs in the US, Europe and Asia. The investment, which is amongst the largest in the region for
an energy storage technology developed in the UAE, is a testament to the UAE leadership’s
emphasis on innovation and development in the addressing climate change.
About BIDC, Inc.
BIDC is a global infrastructure development company based in Washington, DC. We are focused
on empowering the lives of communities throughout the world through bottom-up infrastructure
solutions and building global platforms and supply chains with our partners to serve the new clean
energy economy and Industry 4.0. We are leaders in finance, innovation, energy infrastructure,
connectivity, and technology that can unlock communities’ circular economies to enhance their
incomes, health, education, and wellbeing by leveraging smart community infrastructure towards
a more climate friendly inclusive planet. BIDC strives to become the leading US nation building
development toolkit of choice to empower the lives of citizens around the world. For more
information, please visit
About Enercap Holdings Pte. Limited
Enercap is a holding company orchestrating the commercial growth and roll-out of technologies
developed by Waseem Ashraf Qureshi through subsidiaries in the UAE and USA including
Kilowatt labs, Inc., Infusion Power Industries LLC, Infusion Solar Energy Systems LLC, WRL
Technologies Inc. and PERCO Energy Rental. The company’s vision is to be the number one
storage brand in the world, delivering a high-quality product portfolio across multiple markets
across multiple geographies through Enercap’s unified brand message. For more information
about Supercap energy storage please visit

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