Ogra takes up issues relating to PDC, IFEM with stakeholders


The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) conducted its meeting at Karachi with leading Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and OCAC representatives which was chaired by Masroor Khan, Chairman, Ogra Zainul Abideen Qureshi, Member (Oil)- Ogra and senior executive directors and other key officers.

All the issues including current scenario relating to the PDC, IFEM matters, industry reservations on certain matters, oil industry suggestions/proposals aimed at protecting national interest and promoting fair competition, genuine issues of the oil industry requiring urgent attention for resolution through mutual dialogue, etc, were discussed in detail.

All stakeholders/attendees were very keen in voicing their issues/concerns along-with possible solutions within the ambit of the law/rules.

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The Ogra’s presence at Karachi among the stakeholders was seen as a very positive visibility gesture.

The stakeholders were assured by the chairman Ogra of expeditious solution to all outstanding and current issues and it was unanimously agreed to make joint and concerted efforts in tackling all challenges being faced by the oil industry.

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