Govt cuts gas supply to CNG sector

Amid massive electricity load-shedding up to 10 hours across the country, the government on Thursday stopped gas supply to CNG stations and reduced it by 50 per cent to the captive power plants (CPPs) of the export industry to increase the gas supply to power plants.

Yes, we have taken this action to increase the gas supply to the power sector for an increase in electricity generation,” a senior official at the Energy Ministry confirmed to The News. He said the demand of the power sector for gas stands at 690 MMCFD for the month of April, but because of a massive decline in the intake of imported gas and reduced regasification in the second LNG terminal to just 100 MMCFD against the guaranteed capacity of 600 MMCFD secured by the Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL), the demand of the power sector cannot be met. “However, we have cut off the gas supply to the CNG sector and reduced the gas flow to captive power plants by 50 per cent to just 60 MMCFD from 120 MMCFD to divert gas to the power sector. At present, 460 MMCFD gas is being supplied to the power sector and with the diversion of 100 MMCFD, the supply of gas to the power sector will increase to 560 MMCFD in April against its demand of 690 MMCFD.”

The APTMA spokesman, when contacted, said the government has reduced the gas supply by 50 per cent to captive power plants that will damage the production of export products.All Pakistan CNG Association Chairman Ghiyas Paracha also confirmed that the Sui Northern has forcefully stopped the CNG supply with immediate effect due to non-availability of gas. He said the government has failed to import LNG against the capacity secured by the PLL for the last three years. He said the government has not given any schedule to restore the gas supply to the CNG sector.

Officials in the Energy Ministry said people are not getting gas and electricity but are paying terminal capacity and pipe cost due to the non-serious attitude of the government and the fight between ministers. They said that right now, two nuclear power plants K-1 and K-2, the Port Qasim coal-based power plant, the Uch power plant and Saba and Liberty TNB are non-functional because of various reasons, causing a 5,320 MW shortfall and 10-hour power load-shedding in the country. However, in the next 72 hours, out of 5,320 MW, 2,600 MW electricity would be restored as the nuclear power plants K-1 and K-2 and the Uch power plant will get operational soon.

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