An MOU between Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), Energy & Power Department, Irrigation Department and Public Health Engineering Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been inked to construct a Dam for Nashpa Greater Water Supply Scheme (NGWSS) in District Karak, KPK.

Large population of Nashpa block had been facing acute shortage of drinking water, as there was neither ground water potential to feed them with deep wells/tubes wells nor they had any perennial spring/source to be developed to establish a water supply scheme to meet the drinking water requirements of the area. Therefore, an agreement was signed between OGDCL, MOL and the notables of surroundings of Nashpa Field to construct a Dam at suitable site where gravity flow could be maintained to 11 villages of Nashpa i.e (Lorgai, Sanda Manzai, Salkhani, Sand Khurram, Nashpa, Faqiri banda, Zanrraka banda, pirmila, paindi banda, Mir kalam and Khazi bai.). The population of Nashpa block is about 21,916 people with a water demand of approximately 15 GPCD is about 328,745 Gallons, 0.611 cusec or 442.240 acre-ft/year.

The proposed dam is located at a distance of 24 KM North-East of Karak city. The site is accessible after 54 KM from Kohat on Indus highway towards left side with an un-metalled road via village Shaheedan. Currently, OGDCL is providing drinking water through bowzers on daily basis to meet the requirement of locals of Nashpa area with cost of Rs. 16.63 million per year. Since signing of OGDCL’ agreement in the year 2012, it has always honored its obligations and approval & execution of NGWSS depicts fulfilment of another commitment in this regard.

The Nashpa Dam project for Karak was approved in principle by OGDCL on 13th May 2020 with the condition that necessary analysis and proper estimation/ PC-1 would be shared with the Board for formal approval. Keeping in view the limited technical capacity regarding construction of dam, the project in principle was shifted to the Govt. of KPK which would execute it through its relevant line departments. The relevant line departments of KPK are experienced and technically most suitable to execute the project efficiently and cost effectively. During the next phase, Government of KPK shall present final project feasibility along with cost estimation & execution timelines for approval from OGDCL.

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