SSGC clarification on low gas pressure during Ramazan

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has said that some of its esteemed customers have complained of receiving low gas pressure in the holy month of Ramazan especially during pre Sehri and Iftaar hours.

It is important to mention that customers who are generally located at the tail end of Company’s distribution lines are facing low pressure issues due to sudden and manifold increase in gas usage for cooking purposes in millions of homes and commercial outlet at similar timing, said a press release issued by SSGC here on Saturday.

Moreover the constantly depleting gas reserves and occasional operational issues of some gas fields have also compounded the issue, resulting in widening of demand-supply gap. SSGC’s management under gas load management is constantly taking actions to facilitate its domestic customers during Ramazan and closure of 3-days gas supplies to CNG sector in a week is one of such steps.

The gas pressure issue can easily be checked by using gas during non pre iftaar and sehri hours as it would be found normal due to rare use of gas appliances during these hours.

However, if the issue of low gas pressure is faced by our customers in those areas that are not situated at the tail end, then they are requested to promptly call SSGC’s 24/7 operational Call Centre 1199.

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