Procedure and benefits of net metering: Field formations directed to provide complete info


Consumers are significantly reducing their monthly electricity bills by generating electricity from sunlight /heat. IESCO Chief Executive Dr Muhammad Amjad Khan has instructed all field formations to provide complete information about the procedure and benefits of net metering to consumers.

According to the details, by March 2022, IESCO received 5417 applications for net metering connections, out of which 5325 applications have been approved for net metering by NEPRA and the concerned IESCO SDO office and so far 5242 net metering connections have been installed in IESCO region. Net metering consumers have exported more than 58.97 million units to IESCO, which has significantly reduced their monthly electricity bill.

Muhammad Khan, Deputy Director and Muhammad Kamran Khan, Assistant Director of Net Metering Cell IESCO, Islamabad is fulfilling their responsibilities as Focal Persons in a good way. The installed net metering connections include 4760 domestic, 322 commercial, 80 governments, 62 industrial, 15 agricultural and 3 bulk supply connections. Customers can call to Focal Person Muhammad Kamran Khan on his office number 051-9252931 to get information about net metering connections.

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