Growatt Propels Pakistan’s Transition to Renewables Through a 120MW Package Deal with NMC Group

This 120 MW deal helps to provide the most reliable and advanced string inverters for local users in Pakistan, which will undoubtedly strengthen the company’s leading position in Pakistan’s renewable energy industry.

Growatt will supply the three-phase residential inverter MOD 3-15KTL3-X from its latest innovation, the Generation X series. The inverter features sleek and compact design as well as smart, safe and reliable functionalities. Lightweight and easy to install, it also integrates string monitoring function for fast troubleshooting, and Type II SPD on both DC and AC sides to enhance system safety.

Growatt’s hybrid inverter SPH 4000-10000TL3 BH-UP with UPS function is also introduced to ensure continuous power supply for Pakistan customers. This hybrid inverter series supports parallel connection of up to 10 units, which is a good fit for small-scale commercial and industrial solar energy storage applications. In addition, the company offers ultra-safe storage battery system for a complete set of solar storage solutions, and provides whole-system services to improve customer experience.

Apart from those, the powerful C&I solution — MAX 100-125KTL3-X inverter is also added to the package deal. With maximum DC input current reaching 32A for each MPPT and 16A for each string, the MAX inverter combines well with high power and bi-facial modules. Its 10 MPP trackers support the connection of a maximum of 20 strings, which significantly reduces energy loss caused by shadow effect and module mismatch.

Pakistan targets 30 percent renewables in its energy mix by 2030, equating to 11,220MW of production capacity. The country enjoys an average of nine and a half hours of sunlight daily, and has tremendous potential and opportunities for developing solar energy under this ambitious outlook and surging electricity demand.

“With advanced and reliable products and solutions as well as exceptional customer service, we enjoy a dominant market position in Pakistan’s renewable energy industry. By utilizing our technical superior competency and making tailored solution for this region, we shall prevail in this flourishing market and drive the country’s transition to renewables,” concluded Rucas Wang, Growatt Regional Director for APAC.

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