Gas processing plants asked to maximise capacity

The Directorate General of Gas (Petroleum Division) has Annual Turnaround (ATA) of 15 gas processing plants producing around 390 MMCFD gas, official sources told Business Recorder.

The operators, the sources said, have been asked to proceed further accordingly while endeavouring to minimize the shutdown period to the extent possible in consultation with concerned gas utility company and ensuring that the tangible efforts would be made to deliver maximum quantity of deliverable gas, if any, during the ATA period.

Moreover, all stakeholders have been directed to make sure that ATA’s of the bigger fields are in shoulder (low demand) months and there is no overlapping in gas plants’ ATA schedule with terminals’ outage plan and no spill over of agreed schedule. Directorate General of Gas would be kept intimated about the progress invariably.

The schedule of ATA of 15 gas processing plants will be as follows: (i) Zamzama (OPPL) 5 MMCFD (from June 1-15);(ii) Sinjhoro( OGDCL) 45 MMCFD (September 1-10); (iii) Bobi (OGDCL) 3.5 MMCFD (May 16-22); (iv) Halal(PPL) 16 MMCFD(from September 28 to October 4); (v) Gambat South GPF(PPL) 16 MMCFD (May 14-17); (vi) Gambat South GPF II (PPL) 38 MMCFD (May 18-22);(vii) Gambat South GPF IV(PPL) 44 MMCFD(May 23-27); (viii) Mazarani (PPL) 2 MMCFD (August 16-30); (ix) Rehman(POGC) 54 MMCFD (September 20-26);(x) Sujawal (MPCL), 12 MMCFD(August 6-12);(xi) Zarghoon (MPCL) 8 MMCFD (July 1-17); (xii) Naimat (UEPL) 100 MMCFD(August 27-29); (xiii) Mehar (UEPL) 22 MMCFD (July 9-10); (xiv) Sawan (UEPL) 14 MMCFD (February 15, already done and;( xv) Badin (UEPL) 20 MMCFD March 22-30, already done).

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