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Pakistan is going to be water scarce by 2025, therefore water need to be utilised economically: Federal Minister for Climate Change, Ms. Sherry Rehman.

Karachi: Pakistan is going to be water scarce by 2025, therefore water has to be utilised economically, Federal Minister for Climate Change, Ms. Sherry Rehman. This she said while addressing to the ceremony of expedition indus held at Marina Club, Karachi saturday. She congratulated the team who travelled 45 days from stardu to Karachi through Indus River and Kharo Chann and ended in Karachi on rafts and boats.

She further said that the climate had greater challenges that we are to cope efficiently and smartly, the younger generation needed to be equipped with adaptability to environment. 90% of the delta had already been damaged through waste and garbage, the rivers are a kind of host of food, water and life. We should safeguard our rivers, deltas and seas, She further added.

Appreciating the expedition indus, Ms. Sherry Rehman motivated the people of Pakistan to experience such adventures and protect their culture, heritage and their assets. It is very painful to see the downstream of Kotri Barrage without water. The fair distribution of water need to be done throughout country in order to have every provinces their due share, and water ministry should survey about the distribution of water, the Federal Minister for Climate Change said.

The Provincial Minister for Education, Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities and Archives, Syed Sardar Ali Shah applauding the efforts of expedition said that rivers had always played a role of mother in the life of every specie in the same way as a mother feed her child. Its our responsibility to protect rivers and deltas not only being the host for our food and water but also our cultural heritage.

Later on, the team of expedition including Mr. Wajahat Malik, Ms. Affia, Faisal Salman Himalia and others were presented traditional Ajraks by Federal Minister for Climate Change, Sherry Rehman and the Provincial Minister for Education, Culture and Tourism, Syed Sardar Shah as token of appreciation at the end of ceremony.

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