CNG price jumps to Rs300/kg

CNG price in Sindh and Punjab has reached a record high of Rs300 per kilogram as private sector is barred from importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) itself, while government failed to ensure the imports on time, an industry representative claimed on Saturday.

“We are forced to use the most expensive LNG in the history,” said Ghiyas Paracha, central leader of All Pakistan CNG Association, adding that lack of timely LNG purchase agreements had pushed the price up.

Speaking to the media after the consultative meeting of the CNG Association, Paracha said the CNG sector had been waiting for the government’s green signal to import private LNG for last three years, while the government delayed the import on its reasons.

“The delaying stories are not hidden from anyone. On the other hand in such a situation while the government is giving subsidy of Rs 90-80 per liter on petrol, the business of other competitive fuels especially CNG is ruined.”

He said the industry had appealed to the government to provide subsidy in the price of LNG for CNG consumers, or abolish the subsidy on petrol to set the competitive fuels at the same price.

He further said that the government had closed CNG stations in Punjab on gas shortage, and majority of CNG consumers in Sindh were using petrol instead of CNG, leaving the CNG stations desolate and forcing a shutdown.

Paracha called for immediate measures from the government, saying that billions of rupees invested in CNG business in the country were at risk.

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