Govt policy blamed for CNG price hike

While the private sector was not allowed to import LNG, government departments did not make timely imports and as a result the price of CNG in Sindh and Punjab has increased to Rs300 per litre.

All Pakistan CNG Association leader Ghiyas Paracha on Saturday said the private sector was not allowed to import LNG on its own and the government delayed the import.

“The causes for the delays are known to all,” Mr Paracha alleged, and demanded that the new government should probe the government officials concerned.

He added that the result was financial sufferings faced by the CNG consumers as the price had reached Rs300 per kg or around Rs195 per litre in Punjab and Sindh.

The association also held a consultative meeting in the federal capital on Saturday and noted that the CNG sector had been waiting for the green signal from the government to import LNG by the private sector for the last three years while the government delayed the import.

He said that in such a situation when the government was giving subsidy of Rs80-Rs90 per litre on petrol, the business of other competitive fuels, especially CNG, had suffered due to the wrong policies of the government officers.

“We appeal to the government to provide subsidy in the price of LNG for the CNG consumers as well otherwise the subsidy on petrol should be abolished so that the competitive fuels can do business at the same price.”

The CNG association said billions of rupees investment made in the CNG business in the country was at risk. “We need immediate attention of the government,” the association said.

It said the government had closed CNG stations in Punjab due to the gas shortage and a similar situation was faced by the CNG consumers in Sindh who were using petrol instead.

The association said this policy had left the CNG stations desolate, forcing them to close down.

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