LONGi Continues Educational CSR Activities in Pakistan

LONGi CARE IN PAKISTAN LONGi SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. and University of Education (UE’s) UE Business School (UEBS) & Center for Professional Development (CPD) signed a MoU.

According to this MOU, LONGi will offer several benefits to CPD and facilities UE students for industrial visits and internship, Job opportunities for UE graduates. CPD can start open enrollment programs and invite speakers from LONGi solar and they will sponsor certain events and educational activities in the university of education. This mutual relationship helps to keep the momentum of industry and educational institutes for a better future with collaboration and coordination.
About LONGi
Founded in 2000, LONGi is committed to being the world’s leading solar technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation.
Under its mission of ‘Utilizing Solar Energy, Building a Green World’ and brand philosophy of ‘Steadfast and Reliable Technology Leadership’, LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers, cells and modules, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The company has honed its capabilities to provide green energy and has, more recently, also embraced green hydrogen products and solutions to support global zero carbon development.
About UEBS & CPD
The University of Education was established in 2002 as the highest seat of learning in teacher education with clear goals and objectives of producing quality teachers of international standards. UEBS & CPD are two departments working under the “Division of Management & Administrative Science” of the University of Education. The Centre of Professional Development (CPD) is the new initiative of the University of Education that is committed to providing good quality and knowledge-based training programs, workshops, and seminars to serve the professionals and executives working in top-notch domestic and multinational conglomerates in the region.

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