Petrol price sharply increases in int’l market, Pakistan maintains at lowest level: PD


The Petroleum Division (PD) on Thursday said petrol price in the international market had witnessed a sharp increase during the current year, but Pakistan maintained it at the lowest level despite financial constraints for facilitation of the masses.

Currently, the PD in a tweet said, more than three-quarter countries of the world were selling the commodity at the higher rate as compared to Pakistan. Drawing a prices’ comparison, it said Pakistan was providing per litre petrol at the rate of Rs233.89 to consumers, Bhutan Rs244.98, Sri Lanka Rs258.89, Kenya Rs281.84, America Rs284.73, India Rs270.18 Nepal Rs298.59, Italy Rs412.83, Canada Rs349.25, Britain Rs429.62, Norway Rs553.67 and Hong Kong Rs614.86.

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